10 usages of cotton bags

                                 10 usages of cotton bags

Cotton bags according to its textile and design can be used for many purposes, today we are going to show you some commonly usage of cotton bags in our daily life!

  1. Cotton cavas pencil case

The cotton we usually used for making bags are from 4OZ to 22Oz. Generally speaking we often use 5OZ/140gsm making bags. Cotton cloth over 10 OZ will be called cotton canvas which is thicker and heavier and is good for making pencil bags for its features. It is a good choice for the students to use cotton canvas pencil box to pack their pens, rulers and other items.

  1. Cotton drawstring shoe bags

Generally speaking , people will choose non woven bags for shoe packaging, because non-woven bags are relatively cheap. Still many high-end products will choose cotton drawstring shoe bags for packaging to add value to their products. Besides this is more match with their brand levels.

  1. cotton canvas cosmetic bags

As a female, you always find that you have so many make-ups to carry with you and at this time a cotton canvas bags for packing your small items is very important for you. A good-looking and nice design make up bags will always make your travel easy and comfortable.

  1. cotton drawstring bags for mobile

Like your mobile need a case, your mobile may also need a bag to pack especially in some cold place. Of all the often seen fabrics, cotton is absolutely a good choice for making case for mobile and other electronics packaging.

  1. cotton drawstring bags for packaging

Cotton drawstring bags is the most popular bag type for packaging, it can be used for tea packaging, seed packaging ,coffee bean packaging, herb packaging and so on.

  1. cotton jewelry packaging bags

Apart from box packaging, bags packaging is also very popular for jewelry. In this field, 4 OZ cotton which is very soft and with thicker density is often used for making cotton muslin bags for jewelry packaging.

  1. Organic cotton bags for rice packaging

For food packaging, we often use organic cotton bags, which is suit for food packaging degree, compared with cotton, organic cotton is more environmental and expensive but preferred by many people.

  1. cotton promotional bags

Many company choose to use cotton promotional bags to promote their products, because these bags can be carried anywhere ate anytime, it’s really a good advertising way!

  1. cotton shopping bags

Nowadays, more and more people choose to use reusable bags to go shopping, some large stores like Walmart,carrefour, and hobby-lobby all have ordered their shopping bags from us.

  1. cotton trade show bags

Every year, they are so many trade shows worldwide, and cotton promotional bags printed with logos are a good advertising method for promoting your company and products. We produce such bags every year for our European and american clients.

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